What went ye out to see,
A reed shaken by the wind?
Not this man from Tennessee,
To the Spirit only would he bend.

O’ my friend, what went ye out to hear?
The Gospel of Grace made crystal clear?
Salvation by grace, tis the gift of God.
Rewards are earned, but rebellion the rod.

The eyes of God ran to and fro,
Thru a man with a heart of “fire”.
A burning passion to reach the lost,
And make this “blaze” the saints’ desire.

The Flame has died down,
But sparks shot up to descend.
Blown upon by the breath of God,
To produce more “Flames” in the wind.

The Sword of the Lord
was the power of the pen,
but Dr. Curtis Hutson was
the “Flame” in the Wind.

A living sacrifice on the altar was laid.
“Hot Coals” from the altar and Revivals were made.
O’ Lord, this offering was burnt up for Thee.
His reward shall be great, but his salvation was free.