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Current Speaking Schedule

May 12:
    Bemidji Baptist Church, Pastor Jim Mucerino
    2130 Paul Bunyan Dr. SE MOTHER’S DAY
    SS, and AM

May 17:
    Majestic Pines Community
    2:30pm with Dennis Hines, Minnesota

May 19-22:
    Grace Gospel Church, Pastor Lance Edminster
    95 Hodgins Ave Taconite, MN
    Sun AM 9:30, Sun-Wed PM 6:00

May 26:
    DaySpring Baptist Church, Pastor Daniel Reehoff
    N14W29489 Silvernail Rd, Pewaukee, WI
    MEMORIAL DAY, SS and AM Services

May 29:
    Eden Bible Church with Caleb Simerson
    7991 Worden Rd. Beulah, Michigan

May 30-Jun 1:
    Men’s Fishing Trip with Eden Bible Church
    Thurs PM, Fri. AM&PM, Sat AM

Jun 2-4:
    Eden Bible Church with Caleb Simerson 231-846-5444
    7991 Worden Rd. Beulah, Michigan
    SUN SS, AM, 6 PM – MON -TUE 6:30PM

June 8:
    We celebrate 64 years of marriage.

June 9:
    Heritage Baptist Church with Pastor Gregory Shirk
    2859 S Ridge Road Perry, Ohio
    S, AM, PM

June 16:
    Chili Crossroads Bible Church with Pastor Neal Dearyan
    29445 County Road 10, Fresno, OH 43824
    SS AM

June 23:
    Belmont Bible Church Pastor Mark Moore
    5430 Belmont Road Downers Grove IL 60515
    11 AM

June 27-28:
    Grace Conference in Lake Zurich (Tentative)

June 29:
    Bible Study in Lafayette, Indiana, 1:00 pm

June 30:
    Tippecanoe Bible Church
    Bill and Kris Kaminsky 765-412-4327
    307 S. Brookfield Drive Lafayette, Indiana 47905
    9:30 and 10:30AM

Honorariums are not required. I desire to be a blessing, not a burden. It is the supporters of Yankee Arnold Ministries that make this possible. Let it not be said,
“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Jer 8:20