Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

Written January 9th , 1999,
when I learned that my mother had cancer.
She graduated 2004

Rest assured, that the God of all Grace
will, grant to you and I, at the precise moment it is needed,
the grace to face death, the last great enemy of man.

Today I face the shadow of death,
who seeks my soul, to steal my breath.

Shall I be afraid of the dark unknown?
Shall I fear the grave, the corpse, the tomb?

When the deep cold chill creeps over my soul,
Will I shrink in fear, be numb, or bold?

To what shall I cling, to whom shall I trust?
My hope is all gone, my death is a must.

Lord, I believe you died for my sins,
Rose from the dead, and is coming again.

But Lord, if I die, before that glad day,
Is to be present with you, when I pass away.

I’ll not doubt in the dark, truth revealed in the light,
Believing new grace will brighten my night.

There’s another world in which to sing,
I’ll set my affections on heavenly things.

There are love ones in heaven waiting for me,
To get there from here, death set me free.

Where are you death, I’m waiting for you.
You kill only the old, for I live anew.

Rush upon me, Do your worst,
Plant your sting, commence your curse.

These tears that I shed, and the pain that I feel,
I’m suffering for Christ, My glory is sealed.

In a few moments, Just a brief minute in time,
I’ll step from earth’s sorrows, to glory divine.

Lord, help me face death, that others may see,
Christ only, always, living in me.

Glory, Hallelujah, I’m moments away,
Of entering Heaven’s Eternal Day.