September 1st Betty Jean was born
Was it day or night, or early morn?
Cute as a button from her head to her toe
Pattons had other children, but wanted one mo

It took 6 days to create the world;
That was planned with her in mind,
But it took 20 years to produce this girl,
Brought forth by special design.

She’s no longer a child, no longer a teen,
A young lady she is, like her mother Irene.
There are many things that are yet unseen,
But I’m sure this Princess will become a Queen.

Wait patiently on the Lord and always do right;
For we walk by faith and not by sight.
Trust the Lord from now and until,
You know his word, his way, his walk, and his will.

Thanks for allowing me to be your favorite uncle.
Yankee Arnold
The old king whose crown is slipping.